[GRLUG] single use computer

Benjamin Flanders flanderb at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 15:29:14 EST 2015

Short version:
I need a really locked down computer. Like only three websites.  How would
I create it.

Long version:
Once the company I work for go to paperless paychecks, I will be tasked to
get a computer in the lunch room that will only do a few things.  I
immediately thought of Linux(of course) but how would I go about locking it

By locked down, I mean it needs to be able to go the payroll website, the
401k website, and the company's google e-mail.  Just those three sites.

I'm thinking maybe running a browser in private mode only with an inactive
timeout(can this be done), with a (most likely) heavily customized distro
running from the cdrom.  I have some old xp desktops that this would be
perfect for.  I could remove the harddrive add as much memory as they can
take and I'd have spare parts if something dies.

Is this doable?

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