[GRLUG] October WMLUG Meeting

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Tue Oct 28 11:37:43 EDT 2014

Fortuitous timing, too, as there's no GRLUG meeting this week!

On October 28, 2014 11:36:39 AM EDT, Kelly Vanderwell <kelly.vanderwell at gmail.com> wrote:
>Patrick, this made it through to the GRLUG list....I don't know what
>think was blocked.
>On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 8:26 PM, Patrick TenHoopen
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>> Hello,
>> This is just a reminder that the October WMLUG meeting will be this
>> Thursday, the 30th.  Ben Rousch will be the presenter and the topic
>> titled "Waiter! There's a Python in my Raspberry Pi!".  This is going
>to be
>> a good one.
>> We'll be meeting at New Horizons at 6 pm.  The address is 630 Kenmoor
>> SE, Suite 201, Grand Rapids MI 49546.
>> It seems like everyone has a Raspberry Pi or two sitting around these
>> days, but so few people are actually doing anything with them.  At
>> meeting, Ben Rousch will talk about using the popular and easy to
>> Python programming language on the Raspberry Pi.  He'll start by
>> you bring your Raspberry Pi up to date, then he'll show you some
>> Python modules for working with the camera and the GPIO ports.  By
>the end
>> of the talk, you should be ready to take the first steps towards
>> your own Python-based Raspberry Pi project.
>> Snacks and pop will be provided.  If you can, please let me know if
>> plan on attending so I can plan accordingly.  If you're not sure
>until the
>> last moment, no worries!  You can just show up.  Note:  If you get
>> after 6:30 and the doors are locked, please call my cell at
>> so we can let you in.
>> We hope you can make it!
>> Thanks,
>> Patrick
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