[GRLUG] Configure X Forwarding with port other than 22 for SSH

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 16:31:56 EDT 2014

Been awhile since I've asked a question, hope it makes sense...

I have a CentOS box that I need to use a graphical session on.  It is in my
lab which is hosted by a service provider.  I have the ability to configure
things so I can connect via SSH to the server, but having problems with the
X Forwarding part of things.

When I SSH to the box I connect to port 9417 which is then forwarded to by
CentOS server in my lab.  I also have a Windows box in the lab and can
connect without a problem via XMing and putty to get the graphical
interface I need to do the troubleshooting/install without any issues.
On my Windows box (not in the lab) I can't connect via XMing and forward
the X session over.  In putty I connect fine via server.servname.com and
change the port to 9417.

What I'm thinking is there might be some config file or command line switch
I need to pass to XMing?  Any ideas or help out there?


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