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Godwin geektoyz at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 16:51:00 EDT 2014

Hi Hillary,

Thanks for reaching out.  I am forwarding your request to our Grand Rapids
Linux Users Group list in hopes someone knows, and can reach out to the
Kalamazoo Linux Users Group.  They're a very active bunch with great
experience and surely someone close to you will reach out.
If you would, can you please give a bit more info, if possible?  Can you
describe the backup method used?  How did you copy the  1.5GB of data to
this station (external usb drive, over the network, etc.)?


P. S.  grlug, please include Hillary in your replies explicitly.  Thanks.
On Oct 30, 2014 6:24 PM, "Hillary Rettig" <hillaryrettig at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi ,
> I'm located in Kalamazoo and have a Ubuntu system with what appears to be
> a munged file system. Details below, and I can't find anyone in K to fix
> it, so have widened my search. (I can bring the machine to GR.) Do you know
> a good consultant who could handle a job like the below?
> Thanks,
> Hillary Rettig
> hillary at hillaryrettig.com
> 781-500-9942
> Details:
> *a Zareason Ubuntu v. 12.04 LTS PC; I use it JUST for word processing with
> openoffice
> it's not hooked up to the Internet
> *I was copying 1.5 Gb of data files onto it (backing up another machine)
> and the process aborted twice. from what I could tell there was still space
> on the hard drive
> *then I noticed that the directory with my active files was weird
> - the latest files missing
> - some older files duplicated
> - I didn't catch the exact problem early on, so deleted a bunch of the
> dupes
> - but the problem appears to have persisted
> *I have backups from last week so retrieval of latest files is not
> crucial...but would be nice.
> ###
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