[GRLUG] Hosting recommendations

Matt Behrens matt at zigg.com
Mon Mar 31 13:03:37 EDT 2014

It’s way past time I moved off shared hosting for my site. The insane runaround I got today regarding TLS 1.0 (!) has sealed the deal.

I need:

DNS (customizable zone) and domain
Static site with HTTPS support not from the Navigator era
Maildrop with multiple boxes I can fetchmail from
Configurable mail forwarders (bonus points for user+foo at example.com syntax)

I’d sure like:

rsync-over-ssh for publishing

Anyone have any recommendations?  There’s no shortage of options for the static site, but finding an email option is proving to be tricky, thanks to the mass movement to Gmail et al.

I’d rather not administer any services (besides what’s on the other end of my fetchmail) myself.

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