[GRLUG] ddrescue

Mark Farver mfarver at mindbent.org
Thu Mar 13 08:12:18 EDT 2014

On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 5:48 PM, L. V. Lammert <lvl at omnitec.net> wrote:
> I need to recover a large partition, .. only problem is that the target
> partition is not large enough for all of the 'blank space' in the hosed
> partition.

If the data is worth saving it is worth doing right.  Go out and buy a
larger disk.  You are talking $200... far less than I imagine the
final bill for your time will be.  If the data represents more than a
day or two of work to recreate pay for recovery at a real data
recovery house. They can be surprisingly affordable if the work to
recover is light.

Every read cycle you put on a failing disk trying something that
doesn't work is a cycle ddrescue or someone skilled could have used to
save the data.


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