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On Sat, 2014-03-01 at 15:40 -0600, L. V. Lammert wrote:
> If one does an ls on a symbolic link in BSD, it shows the files at the
> destination of that link; if one does an ls on a symbolic link on a
> current Linux system it shows the *link*, not the contents where the link
> points [assuming a directory, .. have not tried a file link].
> Something has changed in the Linux builds in the past few years [testing
> on an old CentOS box acts as expected]. What is the philosophy behind the
> change, and how would one show files at the target of a symlink now?
> 	Thanks!
> 	Lee

GNU version of ls (and other utils) vs the ones now in use by BSD.

BSD way is not considered as "POSIX", but there are many variations.

1988 was the original "POSIX"

1990s had something called "Spec 1170"

Then in 1997 we got the Single UNIX Specification version 2

2001 came along and POSIX:2001 and Single UNIX Specification version 3
Ooops in 2004 which was hardly noticed and implemented "POSIX:2004"

And then comes along 2008 with "POSIX:2008"

Yeah... and then throw in all the insults from GNU and BSD and shake in
some LSB...

Yeah, I can't imagine where the difference comes from.

Dave is right though, it comes down to GNU Utils

And the Stuff included in BSDs. (Sorry no link easily available for me
right now)


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