[GRLUG] Showing Debian package heirarchy

Greg Folkert greg at gregfolkert.net
Fri Jun 20 18:20:39 EDT 2014

Does it matter? No.
Just install the packages and if you are worried about installing some
frivolous packages... use something like deborphan to clear out the
stuff you don't want... IMO much easier than your way. I've been using
Debian for much longer than you have.

Using the meta-packages or trying to figure out which ones to install
(and they might not even BE) is a pita and is helpful for doing a
piece meal install rather than a replication.

apt-cache rdepends package

Is what you are looking for, but WAY more work on the front end than
with deborphan on the back end.

Trust me when I tell you... just install the packages and clean it up
with things like deborphan.

There is also debfoster if you really want to get into that.

On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 4:09 PM, L. V. Lammert <lvl at omnitec.net> wrote:
> Trying to replicate a system, .. looking at dpkg --get-selections shows
> the list of installed packages, of course, .. but is there a way to
> retrieve the *heirarchy*? IOW, if I install one high-level package, I can
> avoid installing all 15 of it's dependencies.
>         TIA!
>         Lee
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