[GRLUG] finding dhcp lease info

Eric Beversluis ebever at researchintegration.org
Fri Jan 24 21:55:26 EST 2014

On Fri, 2014-01-24 at 21:28 -0500, Dave Chiodo wrote:
> The guy sounds like he has no idea what he's talking about.
> Are you trying to get the IP address that has been assigned to the
> router from upstream(the ISP)? 
> Or are you trying to see which IP's its DHCP server to client
> PCs/devices?
Just wanting to see which leases the router has provided to my various
computers and printers. The attached devices list doesn't give all the
outstanding leases and, for some reason, doesn't show the address
assigned to the Mac, just shows its MAC and dashes in the IP addr box. 

It's probably worth my while to reset the router to fac default and
reconfig it to see if that helps.

Is there any reason that having some devices with fixed IP addresses
should cause problems for a lower end router like this? There's no
overlap with the assigned DHCP range.

> On Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 7:36 PM, Eric Beversluis
> <ebever at researchintegration.org> wrote:
>         I just spent a frustrating time (incl 20+ min waiting) on chat
>         with
>         Netgear to learn how to find the dhcp leases on one of their
>         wireless
>         routers (WPN824N). After being hassled for when and where I
>         bought it (I
>         thought Microcenter, but wasn't sure) the guy finally said
>         that you
>         couldn't find the info there but had to look at the modem.
>         "As I checked my resources about the concern, there is no
>         settings in
>         the router which you can configure and view the DHCP list.
>         Because it
>         can only be found on the modem's interface.
>         Eric Beversluis: ???? That's never been the case with any
>         other wireless
>         router I've had. The moden wouldn't know anything about it
>         since the
>         NAT'ing is done with the router.
>         Johnpaul Delatorre: You can check on the modem's interface
>         where to
>         locate the list of DHCP leases and how to configure it."
>         Am I totally wrong in thinking this was nonsense? The router
>         is doing
>         the NAT'ing and assigning the DHCP leases, so why would that
>         info be on
>         the modem and not on the router?
>         I'm thinking they just didn't bother to make that info
>         available on this
>         particular model. But why would they do that? Surely it's just
>         some
>         boilerplate coding to include in the webconfig pages. I don't
>         think I've
>         ever had a wireless router that didn't show this.
>         Or am I all wet?
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