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Not sure if this helps, but we track temperature in our server room as part of our Nagios and Cacti installations. We have a stand-alone networked temperature sensor that supports SNMP, which we poll every 5 mins and alert if over a threshold. 

Likewise, you can access a servers temperature sensors through SNMP or use a script/SSH to pull in whatever values to cacti. 

Scott Tanner 

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Looking to build a setup for collect temperature & power data in the lab, 
.. but I can't seem to find ANY 'lab software' like some of the Windoze 
systems I have seen. 

Actual analog I/O is possible, of course, but there do not seem to be any 
'workbench' tools for data depiction, graphing, etc. Anyone with this type 
of experience? 

Happy Holidays! 

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