[GRLUG] Samba/LDAP Help

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Wed Apr 23 12:59:29 EDT 2014

> Now, I prefer to use SMB/CIFS, since we do have a mix of OSs, but
> Samba 4 doesn't seem to support using an external LDAP authentication

Correct,  Samba4 replaces an external DSA.

> server anymore and although it can work as an Active Directory server,
> it seems like it's really focused on the Windows side for whatever
> reason, and from what I have been able to research still seems a
> little flaky.

I don't find anything "flaky" about Samba4.  There is a script to
upgrade you existing RFC2307+S3 NT4 domain to a Samba4 AD domain.

> What are you guys using in your production environments, and what
> would you suggest for a secure file-server (are there options beside
> Samba, I couldn't find any) and authentication server combo? 

We use Samba 4.

> Does anyone have experience using Samba 4 in a mostly Linux
> environment?

LINUX uses Active Directory without any issues to speak of.

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