[GRLUG] amazon and firefox

scott woods spiritkind2012 at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 11 12:15:38 EDT 2014

In Windows it is such that the temporary folder still holds caches of cookie information. To close off of the browser and do run - %temp% brings up the temp folder, ctrl A - Del all files clears these up, as would internet settings delete all data cookies etc. If anyone would like to state the Linux option for doing so please do.

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> Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2014 11:47:32 -0400
> Subject: [GRLUG] amazon and firefox
> If I delete my entire history from Firefox, Amazon still knows my name
> and saved password when I go to amazon.com and click to sign into my
> account.
> How does it do that if I've deleted my entire history? Do they somehow
> know the MAC address of the box I'm using? But if I open Chrome, from
> which I've never signed into Amazon, it doesn't already have my name and
> saved password.
> ??
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