[GRLUG] So long.

Bob Kline bob.kline at gmail.com
Sun May 12 16:23:41 EDT 2013

Hi Ben --

I don't intend to discuss this much, but
I had no CC in my message, and there
isn't much room for filtering in "NOT LINUX,"
unless intentionally taken as a phrase.

As for "off-topic discussions," that simply
gets back to what's on-topic. I'll simply
repeat that individuals have their own ideas
about this, but in my ten years there's never
been a statement about what's considered
on-topic.  It's seat of the pants, or dictated
by strong willed individuals who can't be
bothered to ignore anything that's not of
interest to them.  There's more chatter
generated by a few in response to a message
they deem inappropriate than would have
been the case by deleting it and moving on.

It's Godwin's group.  He can be the final word
on it.  But I'm done with it all.

   -- Bob

On Sun, May 12, 2013 at 4:03 PM, Ben Rousch <brousch at gmail.com> wrote:

> Bob,
> I'm not sure where that moderator message came from, but there is no
> moderator and no one is intentionally attempting to moderate the group. A
> policy like that would have been discussed publicly, and no such discussion
> has occurred. Godwin is the only one with the necessary access to the group
> mail server to enable such a thing. If he says he hasn't enable moderation,
> then it isn't happening.
> In the past, we have had intermittent problems with the automated spam
> filter. For instance, messages that I and others sent containing the word
> "hackerspace" were automatically deleted about 3 years ago. It is possible
> that your email contained a keyword that triggered the filter, but that
> message would just been deleted, not bounced. Another possibility is that
> you (unintentionally) CCed a moderated mailing list in that email, and the
> bounce came from them.
> I would hate to see you leave the group because you think it is being
> moderated. Although many people would prefer to see fewer off-topic
> discussions, we have no intention of moderating the list.
> --
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