[GRLUG] DNS question - not linux

Jason Villalta jason at rubixnet.com
Wed Aug 15 11:25:10 EDT 2012

You would need conditional forwarders for this and I don't believe windows
2008 will do this.  It is easier to just recreate the external forwarder
zone for ourwebsite.com as an internal zone make the changes that you need.

On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 11:20 AM, Benjamin Flanders <flanderb at gmail.com>wrote:

> Warning this isn't a linux question but y'all are so knowledgeable I
> thought I'd ask this here.
> I have a Windows 2008 rc2 set as the DNS server.  I also have
> a separate server inside the network serving our public website.  I'd like
> to point www.ourwebsite.com to the internal server, but let
> mail.fox-sales.com and calendar.fox-sales.com to point where they
> should(google right now).
> I created a forward lookup zone for ourwebsite.com and added an A record
> for www to point to the internal ip address.  This works for
> www.ourwebsite.com but the dns server can't find mail.ourwebsite.com.
> Is it possible to just point www.ourwebsite.com to an internal address
> and ignore all other ourwebsite.com subdomains so they can get the ip
> address from the isp's DNS?
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> Ben
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