[GRLUG] ISP shopping

Michael Mol mikemol at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 14:21:26 EDT 2011

On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 1:48 PM, Topher <topher at codeventure.net> wrote:
>> I'm shopping for an ISP for home. Not going to touch Comcast or U-verse
>> for this. U-verse because I don't like their router, and Comcast because the
>> local loop's bandwidth will be shared with too many other local customers.
>> * Channel bonded ADSL. Probably just two channels. I'd be looking for
>> 5-6Mb down per channel. I currently get about 5Mb down with the single
>> channel I've got.
>> * IPv6 connectivity (either via allocated subnet, or via RAs from
>> upstream)
>> * IPv4 connectivity (non-static IP is fine)
>> * Low jitter (I intend to run VOIP; I've got my own Asterisk servers
>> and trunking providers already)
>> * Self-maintained router on my end; tell me the protocols and
>> connection details to use, and I'll keep my end running.
>> Anyone have good leads for this kind of thing? If it works nicely enough,
>> I might be able to successfully pitch it to work, where we've got no coax,
>> but enough copper to suggest there used to be a Centrex setup there.
> I used Speakeasy a bunch of years ago and the service was excellent. They're
> a little pricy, but you can get a linux guy on tier 1 support if you need
> it.

I notice they talk about lineshare vs dedicated ADSL. I'm going to
guess that lineshare is when the copper is expected to be shared with
voice, and that dedicated is when it's not? They show 15Mb/s down as
the upper end for their dedicated options. No idea if I'm close enough
to the POP to get *that* much bandwidth off a single pair.

I'll poke them, but starting at about $80/mo for 384Kb/s down, I'm
still casting about. The stuff I mentioned about support quality was
more about the possibility of using per-ticket fee models rather than
needing a larger monthly rate.

(I'm amused that SDSL looks like a T1/DS1 without the regulated uptime and SLA)
(I'm also amused that IDSL appears to be another name for ISDN)


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