[GRLUG] Poll: OSI Model/Protocol

Clay Ashby kingpoiuy at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 22:35:44 EDT 2011

I think some of it is just making sure you have the capability of
understanding how the stuff works. I think learning how to subnet is
important for the learning part but i wouldn't expect my technician to ever
do it by hand.

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On Jun 5, 2011 9:36 PM, "Dan Taylor" <slash at darkhaven.net> wrote:
> On 06/05/2011 07:57 PM, Eric Beversluis wrote:
>> I'd like to conduct a poll.
>> Having exerted some (not very significant) level of effort, a number of
>> years ago, acquainting myself with the OSI model/standard, I'm curious
>> if I'm the only one who sees imposing this learning task on computer
>> students as pointless.
>> Item: in about 8 years since studying all that, I have seen maybe one or
>> two references to the model and, as nearly as I can recall, none of the
>> work I've done in this time has needed to utilize knowledge of the
>> model.
>> Item: the de facto standard for networking, TCP/IP, uses a significantly
>> different model; nor have I seen any need to understand the TCP/IP
>> layers in my work.
>> I would guess designers and builders of hardware and certain programs
>> would use knowledge of the TCP/IP layer protocols. But other than these
>> users, who out there has had the need to be acquainted with the OSI
>> model?
> How often do you use Wireshark? It certainly helps visualize a
> breakdown of the 1s and 0s flowing across the network if you understand
> the OSI model and the breakdown of communication protocol stack.
> .
> I'd argue that learning IPv4 subnet calculating by hand (required for
> Cisco certs) has been a pointless task to learn. There has never been a
> time where I haven't had access to a calculator to do that task. So
> long as you understand the fundamentals of binary and hex math, network
> and broadcast addresses, I personally don't see the need to do it by hand.
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