[GRLUG] Atx power supply

Topher topher at codeventure.net
Fri Apr 29 16:21:03 EDT 2011

> Does anyone have atx power supply that they are looking to get rid of? 
> Or a recommendation for a good one that isn't too expensive? I'm looking 
> for something that will work with a Phenom X4 board.  I have not really 
> looked in a while and it seems like most of what I am finding is really 
> overkill for what I need.  Thanks for any advice.

I have a brand new LiteOn PS-5251-08 250W power supply you have have for 
free if you come get it.  It came in my new HP a month or so ago and I 
needed something beefier for the killer video card I bought at the same 
time.  It probably has 40 hours total use on it.

Let me know.


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