[GRLUG] Need Help

Jeff Cook jcook at 5xdata.com
Wed Apr 20 11:45:24 EDT 2011

Need some help. I have a client that uses outlook for all his contacts and
light email marketing. He wants to add contacts from a Dunn & Bradstreet
book that a third party will enter that is not onsite so he can send them
marketing stuff. So here what I need to build or find a webbased app that
will do it.

1. allow a person to add contacts but not allowed to view or modify what
is in there already.

2. allow him to sync to outlook or use the "new app" with his comcast
email account

3. be able to send email marketing from this new app ie like constant
contact, phplist or similar app

4. simple enuff for a std user can use.

I have that about building a php app so the contact can enter the info. in
that would inserted to phplist or similar app. then he can export the
contacts to csv that can be imported to outlook but, seems very

I have looked Vtiger which would work for the most part but has some
limitation that I can get past and is over kill for what he want to do.

Jeff Cook
"people are using toy operating systems, which is what we're all sitting
in front of, I mean, Windows is a toy."  - Steve Gibson

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