L. V. Lammert lvl at omnitec.net
Tue Apr 19 12:44:52 EDT 2011

Need someone with knowledge of hw - we have a passive backplane system
with ISA & PCI where we need a 2nd monitor (Ubuntu 10.04).

We tried a ATI Mach64, but it would not run graphics - the monitor reports
"frequency out of range" [monitor known good]. NBD, as we will need six or
seven eventually so it would be preferable to have one we can purchase

Tried multiple S3 cards - three were DOA, but one worked so I assume the
first three WERE bad. Unfortunately, it is neither currently produced nor
high enough resolution (800x600 max).

Purchased a PCI VGA at a retail store, and it would not even allow the
system to POST! The PCI connector had two "notches", which I believe means
it requires two power supply voltages (3.3 & 5).

SO, we took that back and purchased some Radeons - 7500 & 9000 as they had
a single "notch" which should indicate only require 3.3V. Unfortunately,
neither of THESE [new cards] would allow the system to POST either!

Most of the notes we have found are way old as the current xorg has
changed a lot.

If anyone has any experience in such matters, please contact us offline.



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