[GRLUG] ms sql -> mysql

Jeff Cook jcook at 5xdata.com
Tue Apr 12 10:19:29 EDT 2011

If it were me, since you need create a brand new app and just use the data
they have. I would recreate there database in mysql using the MySql gui
tools. Then export theirs in csv and import using phpmyadmin or mysql gui
tools. One thing I keep an eye out for in MSsql Proc (Stored Procedures)
you will need to recreate these. other then that it should be like another
mysql/php app. Do not get caught up in converting mssql > mysql It not bad
deal, I do it all the time. :)

If you want you could use there database for developing the app and
convert the last thing

check out this link on how to connect to mssql on linux

If it stresses you out can buy a tool that will do it for you. One i found
on Internet
< I have not try it

Jeff Cook
"people are using toy operating systems, which is what we're all sitting
in front of, I mean, Windows is a toy."  - Steve Gibson

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