[GRLUG] ms sql -> mysql

L. V. Lammert lvl at omnitec.net
Mon Apr 11 18:54:57 EDT 2011

At 05:48 PM 4/11/2011, you wrote:
>On Mon, 11 Apr 2011, L. V. Lammert wrote:
>>>Anyone have any idea the best way to get it into mysql?  I see the 
>>>insert lines, and I could probably figure out the db structure and 
>>>use those in a pinch.
>>Simplest would be to load the csv into an Access database [or ask 
>>them for a .mdb of the data] and use the MySQL migration tool - 
>>point-and-click. The hardest part will be setting up a valid MySQL 
>>login & host pemissions - the MySQL Adminstrator tool is the GUI for that.
>>You could also setup SQLServer Express on you local machine (it's 
>>free) and use that as the data source for
>>It might also be possible to use phpMyAdmin, but I have not played with it.
>I love phpMyAdmin, so if I can get anything decently importable I can do that.
>I don't have MS Access, is there a "reader" like the Word reader 
>that would let me do the export you're talking about?

If you can get a .csv, phpMyAdmin does have an import process. The 
important part is getting the actual data <g>!


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