[GRLUG] gedit in ubuntu 10.04

Adam M. Erickson adam at openfad.com
Mon Nov 22 17:06:23 EST 2010

> > I think I'll start using cream and finally learn vi.

vi is in a world all its  own but after installing vim-full it makes gets

You can have syntax highlighting, syntax highlighting with a dark background
(makes the letters lighter because dark blue on black is a pain),
jump to last edit position when re-opening, and use the mouse.

Basically makes it more like gedit, you just need to learn a few keys like
inserting text
and !wq.

You do not need to use h,j,k,l to move (just arrow keys) and it is a
little tricky but you can use regular copy and paste
commands also.


Adam M. Erickson

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