[GRLUG] Google DNS

Benjamin Flanders flanderb at gmail.com
Sat Jul 24 07:24:00 EDT 2010

Anybody use Google's DNS service?  I set it up on my router some time
ago, I actually forget when.  I decided to check out my settings
because for quite some time I have been having the weirdest issues
with Google's services timing out.  Things like gmail telling me that
I should use basic html, youtube video just sitting and spinning after
bringing up the rest of the page, Google maps tiles not loading, etc
...  I expected to see OpenDNS setup since I have seen this issue with
that service, but I was surprised to see Google's DNS setup.  Wouldn't
you think Google dns, especially, would be quick with it's own

Is it possible that Comcast can retard the performance of other DNS
services?  Like I said before, this has happened with both OpenDNS and
Google DNS.  The only service that works for me is Comcast's dns

Just wondering.

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