[GRLUG] Ubuntu, Grub :"No filesystem found: Grub Rescue>"

bcreswel at morrison-ind.com bcreswel at morrison-ind.com
Fri Jul 23 21:00:39 EDT 2010

Well, the update.

Went cheap, bought the $80 SSD.

Started w/ openSUSE,  which seemed to work fine on gnome live, and  
first run, but after that I was no longer able to connect wirelessly.

Not really being one to enjoy messing around with OS stuff - I want it  
to "just work", I went back to Ubuntu.

Guess what? Two crashes in the last two days. Not the fatal Grub  
Rescue, just the "everything stopped" kind, where nothing responds  
except the power button.

I'm now wondering if I should point fingers at the atheros wireless?

Is there some relatively simple crash diagnostics I can do?


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