[GRLUG] Linux and MS Exchange

Michael Mol mikemol at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 21:53:40 EST 2010

First, I'm no more a fan of MS Exchange than the next guy, and I'm
also aware of privacy implications around how much of my data Google
has. Can we avoid focusing on those two parts of the discussion for a
few messages, at least? ;)

Second, I've discovered that using my mobile phone's ActiveSync
functionality, and pointing it at m.google.com, works rather nicely
for syncing my gmail and calendar details. (The phone just spins for
hours and hours when dealing with the contacts, but that likely has
something to do with my having about 6800 of them...)

Third, I like the functionality enough that I'd be willing to use an
Exchange client on my Linux box at home to get access to it.

So what are my options? I suspect ATW will suggest Evolution, if
Evolution supports it, but what other options are out there?


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