[GRLUG] "network is unreachable"

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Thu Feb 11 14:56:42 EST 2010

Sure haven't. Never heard of it. 

What would that do? 

-- Bob 

This explains it the best 

For those of you who may wish to build an ubuntu system with the hard-drive in one machine, then move it to another (it works rather well, actually), or if you simply want to manipulate how your network interfaces show up.... Instead of the "iftab" file which identifies which MAC address should be which interface... ubuntu recently modified this to place the setup directly into a udev config file... /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules It's pretty self-explanatory once you look at it for a sec. Notice that the original machine's NICs are mentioned first. The current machine's NICs were then mentioned as different interfaces. I commented out the originals, and changed the existing NICs to the names I expect... 

Whenever I create a VM from a base ubuntu image that we have here I have to remove this file as it still stores the original machine's NIC hardware id and possibly the driver module. When I remove it, it gets rewritten with the proper one upon a reboot. I don't know what you did but I'm guessing either changed NICs, changed driver or something? 

Remove that file and give it a shot. 
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