[GRLUG] Apparently It's been too long since I Bashed

Ben DeMott ben.demott at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 13:10:56 EST 2010

Today I forgot a series of things about Bash that I'm ashamed to admit, and
didn't realize until I started modifying a script.

1.) You can't have spaces between variable names, the equals-symbol, and the
value... :)
2.) When you have a command line argument within quotes it will pass it like
you quoted it in the console ... (DUH)
3.) I had to search for a few minutes because I forgot what the command was
to import variables from a "config" file... yes its "source" - durrr, I then
remembered that the (dot operator) works the same way.

I probably won't touch a shell script for another 3 months and will have to
re-discover those 3 points allover again.

Fortunately from all my time with PHP I never forget the marvelous
concatenation syntax.

myvar="${var2}/my/path"  ;-)

Well it's been fun getting reacquainted.
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