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My employer is looking for server colocation options in the vicinity, to support telecommuting in our infrastructure; some infrastructure that would normally sit within our office is going to need a home with a slightly beefier network connection. (The office Internet connection only gets about 512Kb/s up, and there's no economical way to get that increased, thanks to a quirk of location.) The real trouble is that before this need arose, a significant investment was made into hardware upgrades that aren't easily convertible to racks; We're looking for a place to be able to locate two full-tower PCs, and (I'd estimate) an up speed of between 10-20Mb/s for sharing between both file transfer and VOIP. -- :wq 
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I second the reply that said n-vint. Casey Dubois would be a good contact to start with =) 

Also WMIS does colo and there are racks or shelves for PCs. 
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