[GRLUG] pre-installed Linux on a netbook.

peyeps at iserv.net peyeps at iserv.net
Tue Feb 2 18:30:57 EST 2010

"I *hate* having a touchpad beneath the keyboard.  The meaty part of my
palm will occasionally brush against it (or, if I haven't toned down the
touchpad's sensitivity, it'll trigger even when I'm a good 1-2mm away),
and my mouse cursor will go off in some direction I don't want.

Give me a trackpoint or side-mounted touchpad over a below-keyboard
touchpad, please"

Granted.  Have a trackball usb mouse instead.  Logitec.  Yeah, it kind of
messes up the idea of a netbook, but do without only under duress. Love
being able to move the mouse anywhere on the screen with only a small
finger move and still have single pixel control.

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