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 *  Half of my non-military aerospace project is in Ada.  The OS is in C, and there are wrappers for some functions so they can be
called from Ada.

 *  Ada is very picky on type-casting, and parameters, and on whether your #defines refer to your kind of object or to some other

    So it can take a little while, and be a little frustrating, to get your code to compile.

    But when it does, it runs!  Almost impossible to get an exception.  Debugging is mostly corrected at compile time!  All in all,
Ada is OK.

 *  Yeah, I counted 27 languages on my resume once, including scripting languages.  What's one more?

--Eric Piehl.
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Yep, most military aerospace software is done in Ada.  A lot of its bad
rep comes from problems that were fixed twenty years ago, and it has
some nice features.  It took a bit to get used to it, but now I'd use it
over C++ any day.


On Mon, 2010-02-01 at 11:30 -0500, Michael Mol wrote:
Actually, a lot of government programming is still done in ADA.

I wouldn't argue that whatever floats to the top is the best; It may be the best at survival, and subsequently get the largest
support community, but that usually means it had a more effective marketing strategy leading up to that point. I've seen languages
that appear to be much better than anything I'm proficient in.

I usually make it a point to avoid advocating languages, but I'd suggest people check out Oz.  It's a language I plan on picking up
when I have the time. It covers several paradigms I've been interested in checking out, including predicate and functional

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