[GRLUG] Git 'philosophy'

L. V. Lammert lvl at omnitec.net
Thu Dec 31 17:38:54 EST 2009

At 07:32 PM 12/29/2009 -0500, you wrote:

>You can have as many repositories as you want. Each repository will
>typically have a *master* branch.

Follow up, .. thanks for all the replies! I have 'git clone'd' two 
repositories to use:

my working reposity -> my local repository to share among machines -> 
production master

Problem is, the local and master repositories do not 'see' changes as they 
are pushed; for the local, a 'git checkout master' is required to update 
the local pointer to HEAD, and a push from working to local does not send 
branches, .. for the produciton master, updates pushed from the local 
repository show "D" for the files I'm testing.

Is there a special way/mode to run the *repositories*? [In this case, they 
would actually BE true repositories, they are only used to store changes.]

         Happy New Year!


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