[GRLUG] Monotouch presentation at West Michigan .NET User's Group

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Fri Dec 4 09:03:25 EST 2009

On December 8th the West Michigan .NET User's Group is hosting a
presentation on Monotouch - which is development of iPhone applications
using .NET via Mono's iPhone port.


MonoTouch: an alternate approach to developing native iPhone apps using
C# and .Net

Most developers think of development on the iPhone platform they think
Objective C and Cocoa. There is another option available to developers.
MonoTouch takes advantage of the iPhone APIs and is based on the Mono
project. Mono is an open source implementation of C# and the CLR that
runs on multiple platforms. This presentation will demonstrate building
an application using the MonoTouch tools.

Aaron Kamphuis is a principal consultant with RCM Technologies. He has a
diverse software development background that range from QA, development,
project management, and strategy. Aaron has over 15 years of development
experience with a broad range of Microsoft technologies.

Aaron lives in the grand rapids area with his wife 2 children and a dog.
When not spending time with his family and technology, he enjoys many
outdoor activities. 

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