[GRLUG] Choice of MB - Trouble Installing

Greg Folkert greg at gregfolkert.net
Fri Jun 6 12:28:56 EDT 2008

On Fri, 2008-06-06 at 01:43 +0000, rh90p at comcast.net wrote:
> I broke down and finally called ASUS tech support.  They said that the
> A8V Deluxe will only run Redhat 7.3 and SuSE 8.1.  Newer linuxes will
> NOT run.  Also he said that CUV4X-DLS will not run ANY linux.
> That brings me back to my original question: what MB is recommended
> for an up to date Linux?  Preferably one which will take my Socket 939
> AMD dual core 64 at 3800+ and preferably SATA II support.

Yeap. Sure thing. They are crazy. The ONLY reason they say that is it is
the last thing they *PRODUCED* any kind of docs or drivers for.

Come on. Think a bit.

I am not saying they *DIDN'T* say that, just that if you think that
Newer Linux WILL NOT RUN... you are sadly mistaken.

Given that I have seen some *REALLY* weird things, an A8V not running
newer Linux is not one.

Officially supported and tested by ASUS, maybe.

Oh wait a sec, call ASUS about the AV-133 (supports upto a 1.4GHz
T-Bird) and ask them what version of Linux ran on that?

If they answer *ANYTHING* like your answer about the A8V, then they are
wrong. I have one sitting downstairs running Debian Sid (Lenny+newer
stuff basically).

One last hing you might discover, AGP Slots from those Motherboards are
at MOST AGP4x. If you put an AGP 4/8x card in them more than likely
you'll get a screen blanking and freezing like you described. 4x/8x
cards are NOT backwards compatible with 1x/2x/4x slots voltages and
clocking are different. Though they *MAY* work... highly likely they

And coming back to you question. Unless the hardware is wacky (and by
wacky I mean broken or damaged) any motherboard you choose, as long as
its a bit (6 months or older) older should work fine. There are
exceptions like My All Intel Chipset Laptop from Lenovo which worked
OOTB, with a few minor issues (sound and suspend not working)

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