[GRLUG] Tonight's meeting

Joe Vanderstelt thisboyiscrazy at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 11:11:09 EDT 2007

Yeah i have a few computer I would like to try installing Gibon.

Work computer - installer for feisty did not work out of the box
(piix_sata issue)
Laptop - always fun to try and get working correctly
Home server - just needs to be updated (xubuntu maybe)
Mythtv box - is mythbuntu getting released with Gibon?

On 9/27/07, Benjamin Eavey <ben at eavey.com> wrote:
> eah wrote:
> > here, here! that was a good meeting. maybe we should get back on track with
> > regularly scheduled meetings.
> >
> > eah
> I agree.  Regularly scheduled meetings would be fantastic.  If they were
> on an *actual* schedule (as opposed to just a last-minute gathering each
> month), it would be easier for people to plan on being there, too.
> And it's "Hear, hear!"...  "hear" as in "listen".
> -Ben
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