[GRLUG] editing then Burning DVD

Benjamin Flanders flanderb at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 16:23:40 EDT 2007

Does anyone have any experience editing .mpgs then burning them onto
DVD  for playback on a standalone dvd player?

I have some tv programs I would like to save.  I grabbed them off
tivo, used tivodecode to unlock them and now I have some nice mpg's
that I need to remove the commercials from.

I am having trouble with audio sync.  When played using videolan or
mplayer the mpg's are perfect, but the moment I import it to avidemux
to remove the commercials I get issues.  When played in avidemux the
audio starts off good but by the end of the hour show, it is off by a
second or more.

Also how about just creating a dvd.  I decided that I could just fast
forward over the comercials and I tried Deeveedee to burn the program
but this crashed after ~3 hours of chugging.

Has anyone had any luck with this endeavor?  What programs should I be
looking at?

I am running Kubuntu 7.04 i386 version.

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