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That's appealing.   Depending on
what else shows up I'll give this
serious consideration.  The price
is right,  and I do have an appropriate

The Plextor unit is the volume card
now for Myth?  i.e., well suported?

Re DivX and h.264,  what is the
difference?  Ones sees DivX in many
of the stand alone unit ads.

Thanks for the pointers.


On Oct 30, 2007 2:57 PM, Tim Schmidt <timschmidt at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm immensely happy with my MythTV box.
> I'm running Mythbuntu, using a Plextor PX-TV402U on a 1.3Ghz
> PIII-based Celeron with 512Mb ram, integrated Intel 815-based
> graphics, an 80Gb hard drive, and a cheap DVD-RW.  I get better than 1
> hour / Gb at 640x480, and I simply have the machine hooked up to a
> monitor instead of a TV (nowadays TVs _are_ large monitors - complete
> with VGA and DVI / HDMI).  I simply use an RF keyboard as the remote.
> It took all of an hour to install Mythbuntu, 5 minutes to set up the
> tuner, and a minute or two to install libdecess for DVD playing.
> The tuner does MPEG4 (the Divx variety, not h.264) encoding in
> hardware, and the 815 seems to have some XvMC support, so the only
> thing left for the Celeron to handle is commercial flagging and basic
> maintenance duties like frobbing the database and drawing the GUI.
> I literally found the computer outside my apartment one day (it had
> clearly sat through a light rain - I had to replace the battery,
> probably why it was abandoned) - $5
> I ebayed the tuner for $80 + $9.50 s&h
> I bought the 17" CRT at a garage sale for $30
> The keyboard set me back $44 at newegg
> DVDRW was a hand-me-down from an upgraded box
> Total cost: $168.50
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