[GRLUG] For Sale: Zaurus SL-C760

Ron Lauzon rlauzon at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 06:40:40 EDT 2007

This is a clam shell PDA/computer that Sharp put out a while back.  It's 
basically "Barbie's laptop" running Linux.

The basic stats:
640x480 screen 3.7 inches
128 MB RAM (currently partitioned into 64 MB for running and 64 for storage)
1 SD card slot
1 CF card slot
IR transmitter/receiver
1 proprietary interface for USB connectivity to host computer

See http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS8500789416.html for the detailed 
stats and pictures.

What you get:
+ The Zaurus SL-C760.  Excellent shape.  No scratches or signs of wear.
+ The original box and manuals (all in Japanese 8-).  This unit was 
never intended to be sold in the U.S.
+ A bare-bones translated manual.
+ CD-ROM with Windows software (but unless you run the Japanese version 
of Windows, I'd not bother with it).
+ The data cable that lets you hook up the Zaurus to your PC via USB.
+ 2 AC Adaptors
+ The original EA-BL08 battery
+ A new EA-BL11 battery (extended life) from Conics (new 1/7/2007).
+ Netgear MA701 WiFi CF card
+ Ambicom 56K Modem CF card
+ An emergency power supply.  Basically you plug a 9V battery into it 
and then plug it into the Zaurus.  The Zaurus think's it's plugged in.  
You can charge the Zaurus battery from it.
+ 256 MB CF card. If you want to reflash the Zaurus with something else, 
you need to flash it from a CF card.

It no longer has the original OS on it.  I flashed it with OpenZaurus (Linux kernel 2.6.16).  It has FBReader installed and PDF 
viewer.  Comes with a wireless network sniffer, web browser 
(Konqueror-based), Media player and more.

Everything works just fine (although I haven't tried the modem in a 
loooongg time 8-).  I'm simply not using it anymore and it makes no 
sense to let it collect dust.


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