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On 10/21/07, john-thomas richards <jtr at jrichards.org> wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 21, 2007 at 07:28:58PM -0400, Bob Kline wrote:
>   Based on my
> understanding this company would lose common carrier status and would then
> be
> liable for illegal activities on its network.  Thus, it *is* illegal for
> Comcast to want to limit how I use my internet connection.
> Then again, I may be all wet.  :-)
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It's pretty clear that Comcast is not very
proud of what it's doing.  Now that it has
been definitively found out,  maybe concerned
customers will look in to the legal status of its
actions.  I understand that customers cannot
run their Internet connects full bore,  24/7/365,
but Comcast needs to be more upfront about
its policies - good,  bad,  or in between.

It annoys many that the telcos and cable
companies assure Congress that net neutrality
legislation is not needed,  only to show that is
a cynical attempt to help ensure that Congress
does nothing.

Now to see what Congress does,  and whether
it comes down on our side or the Industry's.

I think I know,  but hope otherwise.  I'd like to
see the gov't have its own high speed backbone
for for Internet traffic,  and then just contract
companies to run it.  This has been done with
other gov't communications system.  FTS 2000,
a private gov't phone system.  And no doubt
Internet2,  which none of us can use unless we
work at a school or lab.

But we can pay for it....

The world is tiered in all kinds of different ways.

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