[GRLUG] Comcast and net neutrality

Bob Kline bob.kline at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 19:47:43 EDT 2007

Those of you with Comcast might be interested in this:


For those of you that don't have Comcast,  what one
company does others might follow.  Comcast has been
less than forthcoming about its activities, and was dug
out by the Associated Press.

The head of SBC,  and later AT&T,  mumbled a couple
of years ago that he didn't see why people should be
able to use "his" fibers to put competitive services on.
In that case phone service like Vonage.

While companies like Comcast are trying to snow
Congress in to thinking there is no need for net neutrality
legislation,  clearly there is.  The alternative is to let
outfits like Comcast do for the Internet what it and
DirecTV have done for TV - just a sea of ads, with the not
so subtle hint you might want to buy some premium
services if you want to actually watch any programming.

With the Internet we might end up paying for premium
services just to stay where we are now.  Otherwise
Comcast might just want to make your life miserable.
And don't forget that it is a monopoly in many of the
areas it serves.

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