[GRLUG] New member looking for install.

Michael Mol mikemol at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 20:04:07 EDT 2007

Sounds like the precursor to a "Which is best" flamewar. :-)

As a beginner, I'd suggest you try Ubuntu.  It has the advantage of a
good combination of usability and community support. As in, if you
want to know how to do something in Ubuntu, chances are that a forum
somewhere has already answered your question.

As for getting a copy I could physically mail you one; meeting people
face-to-face is somewhat difficult for me.

A question: What kind/speed is your Internet connection? A new version
of Ubuntu comes out next week, and your system would update over your
Internet connection, if possible.  If you've got at least DSL, you
shouldn't have any problem with the update.

On 10/10/07, Jeff Nyman <nymanium at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi just found this website, so just a quick hello to all before getting to a
> request. My windows based pc got a corrupted install and my discs are long
> gone and I know no one with a disk I can use to repair, so I've decided to
> switch to a linux os since I've been considering it a while. But I was
> wondering which one is the best for a starter, and if possible if I could
> get a copy of it from someone since I'm without convenient access to a cd
> burner. Thanks.
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