[GRLUG] tiny vm

Topher topher at wcsg.org
Tue Jun 19 10:25:28 EDT 2007

I have a need, and I want to resolve it in a specific way, mostly for the 
learning involved.

I have an XP box at home for my kids to play on. I want to install a Linux 
VM on it, probably with vmplayer.  This Linux VM needs to do 2 things: get 
on my work vpn, and let me ssh in and out.

I'm pretty open about what distro, but I want something that lets me 
(during install) trim just about everything.  Ubuntu doesn't I don't 
think, and the last time I installed Debian it was a hellish experience. 
Fedora lets you cut out just about everything, and I've used it, so I'm 
thinking about going that route.

Do any of the micro-distros let you pick and choose packages during 

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