[GRLUG] X11 Multi monitor question

David Pembrook david at pembrook.net
Tue May 30 10:50:22 EDT 2006

Well, I kinda want to work out the bugs by hand on the config. I've 
gotten it down pretty good, but I'm missing one little thing.

I'm not looking to run the nvidia in twinview, but I'll turn on Xinerama 
after I get it all to work. If I just turn it on right now, I get cloned 
displays on the nvidia. Actually I haven't tried it since getting the 
matrox in. I guess my next step if i can't get this to go is Xinerama.


> Hi Dave,
> I run tri-monitor setup on two different setups, both with NVIDIA cards.
> Each machine has a dualhead, and then there is a single head card
> installed. I run TwinView on the dualhead, and then I turn Xinerama on
> so I can get the extended desktop across the other the other monitor.
> Why are you turning Xinerama off, do you want each monitor to actually
> be it's own desktop environment, rather then utilizing an extended desktop?
> Zach
>David Pembrook wrote:
>/> I've got all three monitors displaying independant desktops but I can't 
/>/> move the mouse between them.
/>/> /

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