[GRLUG] meeting

Szymon Machajewski SMachaje at grcc.edu
Thu May 25 10:28:15 EDT 2006

I can arrange a meeting space anytime 8-5pm Th.

If possible I would suggest a standing meeting, maybe first Th of the
month for 1hr or so?  This way we could move from a special event to a -
here is my laptop let's get this done ...


Szymon Machajewski

Solutions Engineer / DBA
Red Hat Certified Engineer
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

>>> Phillip_L._Hebenstreit at hud.gov 5/24/2006 5:34 pm >>>

It would be great if we could meet and have some presentations.  I like
idea regarding Oracle & RedHat suggested by Szymon Machajewski.

I'm usually free on Thursdays.   I belong to a few other clubs that
meet on
Wednesdays throughout the month, so if I have any input into this idea
would like to push for a Thursday.

Lets do it.


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