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Wed May 17 16:14:35 EDT 2006

JTR offered to do this at the last formal
get together of the GRLUG.  Only he and
two others showed up from what I remembered.
He also offered to help others set up Debian
on their machines at most of the install get
togethers in the past.  I don't know how
many takers he got,  but the opportunity was
certainly there to get help form someone
was bullish on Debian,  and more than willing
to help. All to ask,  what more can he do to
get people on board?  Make house calls?


On 5/17/06, zdennis <zdennis at mktec.com> wrote:
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> Ben Rousch wrote:
> > Ubuntu has a server install on the regular CDs that is very stripped
> down
> > (no X, no servers). It is easy to enable the Universe and Multiverse
> repos
> > and build your system from barely-above-ground up at the bash prompt.
> >
> > To use it, just start with a regular Breezy CD and type 'server' at the
> > install prompt.
> I have seen less dependency hell with Ubuntu/Kubntu universe/multiverse
> then with Debian's unstable/testing. And although you can
> always figure out how-to fix the dependency hell, sometimes it is annoying
> to spend hours doing so. There is a solution to
> this.... john-thomas richards. And with that, JTR needs to speak at a
> GRLUG meeting or luncheon or whatever on debian, so I can
> move to the next level of wannabe-uber-debian-l33t-hax0r.
> Zach
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