[GRLUG] My Ubuntu Trial

zdennis zdennis at mktec.com
Tue May 16 21:55:46 EDT 2006

Godwin wrote:
> Well, KDE is for folks who like their OS to hold their hand.  I sleep
> on a bed of nails and walk barefoot to/from work uphill - both ways.
> Yeah, I like Gnome.  It "looks" nicer and doesn't have all the
> clutter.  Daaaaag!!!  Anyone smell smoke?  :-)  If that doesn't start
> flaming, I don't know what will...

I know you are just trying to start a flamewar. So I'll take a small
bite and encourage it gets really steamy in here.

Background, I used Gnome and now use KDE. Thanks to Mr. Villarreal!

Last time I checked KDE hadn't held my hand yet! Things were in easier
to find places in KDE and if this constitutes as hand holding, then I'm
cheating on my wife with KaDiE.

Why doesn't Gnome have pushpin support to lock windows in place? KDE
does? ... (maybe Gnome does and I just don't know how to turn it on!!)...

Why does Gnome have the tri-menu affecta going on? My horizontal screen
space is valuable stuff. I don't like grouping applications, and I don't
like 8 rows just to show me the 30 applications I have open. I need all
of the space I can get, and I don't want to have to guess which of the
three hierarchies I should traverse. I am sure when you get used to it,
it makes no difference, but I never got used to it...

Why doesn't Gnome have GNotes, like KDE has KNotes, oh wait it has
goats. But I can't get them to work right! Maybe it's user error.

KaDiE is prettier then Gnome, and just like any sober guy would prefer
the pretty chick at the bar opposed to the other one... I don't drink,
so excuse me if my beer goggles never kick in because of it.

Maybe I just have higher standards for my monitors. Who wants a
1900x1200 23" wide LCD to just display the "blah" interface that Gnome
gives. Give me something to sparkle.

Like any good relationship, as the days go by you need to get passed
that shallow glossy exterior, and you need substance. So...
 - I've got all of my KDE apps that use dcop for integration.
 - konsole is way better then gnome-terminal, and that in the long run
 - and Linus Torvalds uses KDE (and actively speaks out against Gnome)

On that last Linus note. I'll never be linus, as smart as linus or
probably any thing else imaginable as it pertains to linus... but....

just like you star wars geeks like to pretend to have the force fight
the dark side and argue over who's Master Windu and who's that other guy
who pushes him out of a window, and you trekkies like to imagine you're
in deep space nine warding off klingons from the planet in between
Saturn and Neptune, I to like to imagine something that is never going
to happen in reality, I can pretend I'm as smart and cool as Linus. And
if he used Gnome, I'd be screwed, but thankfully I have this to hang on
my wall:

...encouraging the next flame...


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