[GRLUG] My Ubuntu Trial

Collin adderd at kkmfg.com
Tue May 16 13:03:10 EDT 2006

john-thomas richards wrote:
> On Tue, May 16, 2006 at 08:34:44AM -0400, David Pembrook wrote:
>>> Shall we start a KDE vs. Gnome flame fest?
>> Oh I'd love to get into this one if only I could get X to run correctly 
>> on my current hardware!
> You kids, with your fancy-pants GUI's.  Give me vim, elinks, mutt, and
> fbi (to view full-color images from the console), and keep your X to
> yourselves.
> *However*, when X is necessary (is it ever, really?), I run E.
I doubt that it's ever 'necessary' but it's nice on the eyes. Truth be 
told, I'm probably equally comfortable with either command prompt or 
GUI. I sure didn't have a GUI for a long time when I first started into 
computers and so I was used to that. Since windows 3.11, though, I've 
pretty much stuck to GUI's except on servers. There's just something 
soothing to the eyes about KDE (down with gnome!)

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