[GRLUG] distros, DE's, etc.

Roberto Villarreal rvillarreal at mktec.com
Tue May 16 09:49:40 EDT 2006

As an interesting (imho!) side affect of using Gentoo, I've found that in a 
way, using Gentoo is an excellent way of keeping myself in check when it 
comes to installing packages.  

On my debian boxes, when installing a package that "suggests" or "recommends" 
another one, I install it.  Small time overhead, and of course, "some day" 
I'll get around to playing with it.  And of course... I never do, so it just 
sits, takes up space, and can bring it other dependencies which do the same 

With Gentoo, I am always sure to install only those things that I *know* I'm 
going to use, because when it comes time to upgrade... let's just say I like 
to think of my time as being somewhat valuable...

Oh, and both Gentoo and Debian have Enlightenment :-)


On Tuesday 16 May 2006 9:31 am, Topher wrote:
> > It's in the official repository for archlinux. ;-) Come to the dark
> > side....
> Anything using Enlightenment has to be the Light.  :)
> I may very well try it, I'm getting a new machine in a few weeks.  I have
> a LOT of respect for Gentoo, and installed it a while back, but I just
> didn't have the time to mess with it on my day job desktop.  :(

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