[GRLUG] linux gaming

David Pembrook david at pembrook.net
Mon May 15 10:39:11 EDT 2006

I know there are sites out there listing open source games but.. what 
are your favorites? I can't imagine any of them are easy to jump into 
the code, but that would be interesting too. I'm pretty bored with games 
lately. There is nothing new... just improved eye candy.

For that reason, my friends and I are actually playing some pretty old 
stuff right now. Wolf Enemy Territory (cross platform) is quite 
playable, built on a quake engine and promotes team play.


Tim Schmidt wrote:
> On 5/14/06, Bill Creswell <billcreswell at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Sure. An open source version of the GRLUG?
> ???
> Just a game-oriented (but not anything-else-hostile) get together with
> all of GRLUG invited.
> I don't have any Windows machines in the house, and prefer to only run
> software I can muck with, hence the emphasis on free / open source
> games.
> --tim
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