[GRLUG] Distro's - GRLUG test comment, dead thread

Robert G. Brown bob at whizdomsoft.com
Sat May 13 15:31:19 EDT 2006

On Sat, 13 May 2006 15:00:04 -0400, "Bob Kline" wrote:

>My reading is that no one is suggesting that
>people not try doing as much as they can first....

I beleive what is being objected to is behavior such as
described in the article at:


>...something at some point during the process of
>helping others?
I have gotten a lot out ofthat, for sure, and I like to
"give back" something to the community as well. I do under-
stand that there can be objectionable when people ask 
questions that indicate a lack of effort before simply
asking others.  However, I see this as a exceptional pat-
tern rather than something that many do.

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