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I have not really been following this thread, but I would like to 
interject....I wish I had more time to read GRLUG messages, because I truly 
love doing so. I am one of those people who read whatever they can on the 
web regarding Linux but only understand a tenth of what is read. No matter 
how difficult it is for me to understand many aspects of the operating 
system, I still push myself to do so.....BUT....I always hit a great big 
wall. Some things I simply can not understand without human guidance, a book 
or a webpage will not do.  Face to face guidance is best, or maybe a class, 
but like most adults I have little time for taking classes. I have posed 
questions on GRLUG that must make people like Ron pull out their hair. I am 
definitely one of the people who Ron refers to in his snippet....for this I 
am sorry! I wish I knew how to scale that big wall that seperates me from 
the rest of you, but I suppose that is impossible without long hours of hard 
work and devotion.

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>I haven't been able to address this email until now. (Well, I started
> one earlier, but Thunderbird ate it.)  Please read.
> Ron Lauzon wrote:
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>> I too often see people who post "I want to write a program do <insert
>> some very complicated thing here>.  How do I do that?" and follow up
>> with responses like "What's a compiler?" and "What's an editor?"
>> I give them credit for trying, but they are in so far over their heads
>> that it would take quite some time to explain everything to them - and
>> the ones that I typically have seen, get very defensive when you try to
>> explain that to them.
>> Well, we graduated from the School of Hard Knocks, and then someone,
>> usually without appreciation, wants you to just give them the answer.
>> Have too many people do that to you and see how elitist and snobbish you
>> get - especially when they take credit for your work and think that they
>> are knowledgeable because of it.
> Goodness gracious, Ron, please tell me you aren't like this in person,
> that you're just being argumentative.  I hope you realize that if the
> rest of the Open Source people were like you, Open Source wouldn't
> exist.  For that matter, simple chivalry wouldn't exist.
> Sometimes, you need to do things For The Common Good instead of Looking
> Out For Number One.  Sometimes, you need to give someone the answer so
> they can move forward and learn. You know, how teachers helped you when
> you were younger, and how other computer people helped you when you were
> learning, either via MAN pages, HOWTOs, or say, computer books.
> I really hope you don't attempt to talk to others about linux, or open
> source software, because you'd be doing way more damage than good.
> Actually, I hope you don't interact with people often at all because
> seriously, your attitudes are corrosive.
> Adam "What the hell have you done for me lately, and more importantly,
> why should I give a damn" Bultman
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